Product Description

The liquid fraction of palm oil, obtained from the first fractionation of the oil after the process of crystallization at a controlled temperature, which is subjected to bleaching and physical refining. It is characterized as a liquid product at warm temperatures.

Palm olein, TBHQ or mixture of BHT and TBHQ as an antioxidant (75 mg / Kg. maximum), citric acid as a synergist

Physical And Chemical Analysis

Fatty Acids Profile


in bulk, packed in plastic bottles PET, polyethylene drums.


It is used for edible liquid oils in a pure form or in a mixture with other liquid oils. Due to its composition of fatty acids, it is a very stable oil at high temperature, a fact that has positioned it in industrial frying, various frozen and dehydrated dishes. Likewise, palm olein, mixed with other oils and fats, is very suitable for formulating baby food and as a dairy substitute.