Product Description

Palm stearin is a Solid fraction of palm oil, obtained from the fractionation process of refined, bleached and deodorized oil, after the crystallization phase at a controlled temperature. It is characterized by its solid consistency at room temperature and by being an oil free of trans fatty acids.


Palm stearin is a mixture of antioxidants (BHT, BHA, TBHQ) 75 mg / Kg.maximum. Citric acid as a synergist.

Physical And Chemical Analysis

Fatty Acids Profile


Bulk – 32 TM Minimum Order


Stearin due to its consistency, physicochemical characteristics and to that it is free of trans fatty acids is used in the formulation of special fats for bakery, margarines and shortenings. It is also used in the manufacture of soaps, in the formulation of concentrated feed for animals and in the oleochemical industry.